Disney Princess Inspired Event for a Whimsical Birthday Celebration

Roll out the pink carpet and grab some bedazzled tiaras, we are having a Disney Princess party!

If your little dreamer is all about princesses and castles, why not celebrate her dreams in a whimsical atmosphere full of magic, princesses and sparkles! 

What a better way to show your little princess the royal treatment than to throw her a magical princess-themed birthday party! 

Setting the royal scene: 

Make sure to give her and her fellow princess friends the grand entrance! 

Event Du Jour designed a grand entrance with a magical kingdom castle [custom made by Nize Printing] overflowing with Belle Âme’s  signature pastel color balloons on both sides! Elsa was there to greet all the princesses and show them their way to the magical kingdom via balloon tunnel we made for this special birthday! The pink carpet led them straight to the party area, covered with our stylish balloon tunnel where each Disney princess was standing nice and tall to greet all the aspiring princesses! 

Cake area was designed with beautiful themed balloons and flowers exquisitely made by Nebella Floral. The 4 tier Disney Princess Cake was made by Shirin Bakery, the sweetest addition to your amazing event! 

Another image of the castle was decorated with balloons to keep the magical atmosphere alive! 

And yes! What a princess party without real Disney Princesses involved, who came down from their own magical castles to celebrate and sing their favorite theme songs for the little dreamers! 


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